Thursday, May 31, 2012

"The last dream--Where aspirations defeat death.."

"Ishaan", the name was enough to mesmerize the whole fraternity as he was all set to play his part once again. He was expected to outperform and pounce on the subjection every time sent to the competitions. He was never to be failed, be it sports, Singing, art exhibitions or studies. The man with various colors. It was a great show right from the time I entered in. He was scrupulously doing his job with sprinkling the salt drops from every part of his body. The moment was ripe with potentiality. He was shining alone for his dedication though not noticed in the throng of big names. He put some more stars on the reputation of IIT Roorkee. I was amazed to see his caliber and impeccable skills on the field. I thanked Deepak for giving me an opportunity to be a witness of his talismanic performance that day. It was narcissistic though necessary to show my overwhelming emotions about the magical performance of Ishaan. Match was finished but the seriousness on his face was still alive. He was sitting on chair recapitulating the ups and downs of the match as if he was setting his task for upcoming matches which brought me to imagine the great stalwart Rahul dravid making his plans for the next game. He preferred to settle on the chair unlike other team mates who were cheering for the another wonder created by him with not out 85 runs in just 52 balls in the crucial situation when once score was 52/4 in 10 overs, remained 40 overs and 215 runs were still to be chased. What a nail biting match. Deepak did not deprive me, meeting the champion anymore as he could recognize my hankered eyes in pursuit of Ishaan. He took me to the rest room which was glass framed. I was inquisitive on my way controlling the stream of questions flowing out to interview Ishaan. “Congrats Ishaan, very good job done” Deepak wished him for his exotic performance “the best of the day”. I proceeded my hand to wish too. I kept gulping questions not to let them out but could not control. “Ishaan, how come you are so consistent of taking studies along with sports? You are best at both though.” I still held his hand tight. Ishaan wanted to response but was interrupted by Deepak for introduction. He is my friend Mukesh Pandey, has come all the way from Delhi to watch you playing.” “Very true, you are more efficient than I conjectured, you would be. Deepak kept raising my curiosity by telling the range of good things about you. It was seriously fascinating to hear about one from the other prodigy.” He seemed still without any floating reactions after having received the tons of applause from me. He kept puffing as he really had a long time over the crease and the sun was breaking out with the extreme of heat at 2 o’clock in the noon. I wanted to proceed the conversation but there was a resonance coming from the ground calling the shining Armour to be rewarded for such an extra-ordinary match wining inning. “He was used to of it”, I thought as he was merely excited. He kept a blooming smile while giving a pose with man of the match trophy. A droplet of sweat was happily rolling down behind his left ear through neck towards his chest seemed it was cheering with slight swing for being fortunate emerging from Ishaan’s body. The moment was really blissful and graced my day spending in IIT Roorkee. I had heard about the exceptions studying in the premium institutes like IITs and then I met the boy who lived up to all the sayings up to mark.

I was still in the aura of Ishaan’s simplicity and extreme talent. It was not because of his knock which he had played to get his team to win but the way he treated the fame was really adorable. He on the chariot of success with various skills in his quiver was still rooted. I had been sitting with Deepak at ganga ghat remembering the glimpse of Ishaan’s spark for a long. We did not talk to each other for about an hour. Quiet I just put my eyes at the ethereal water of the most holy river ganga, which was rapidly flowing. The sound of water running over the rocky bed fetched my attention. Ganga the river which attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists, from within India, as well as from other countries, could not fascinate me. I was running with Ishaan’s flow. “He is truly a gem, it was worth watching him. I anticipate he’ll glorify his name all across the country.” I initiated the conversation. “Yes he can, but I am not really sure he’ll, whereas towards the end of life it becomes easier to soak up all the positive energy and channel it towards achieving goals.” Deepak responded me with a low voice. “What do you mean by towards the end of life?” “Ishaan has got bowel cancer. It is from uncontrolled cell growth in the colon or rectum (parts of the large intestine), or in the appendix. Symptoms typically include rectal bleeding and anaemia which are sometimes associated with weight loss and changes in bowel habits. He was first hit by anemia and then it took place as cancer. He was 16 when he got to know about it. Initially enmeshed with sorrows but gradually he developed the courage to face the reality and has been enduring it for 5 years now. Doctors have given up, but he has not. He lives for others and wants to beam the whole world with his spark. He lives for his dreams irrespective of the fact they are not for long. This is Ishaan, a boy always comes with solutions but can’t save his own life.” Deepak removed his glasses and started weeping. I also felt a drop on my finger, I refused but then could not hide the rill of tears gushing from the ocean of my eyes. It got more pace and flow than Ganga. After listening to Deepak, Getting goosebumps I was stunned for few minutes. It was the clash of noises coming from the flow of the river and the screams from my inner soul. I was dissatisfied. Ishaan’s glowing face kept coming in front of me. I was unable to believe that the future of the country would sooner be history. It was really sad. 
It was 6.30 in the evening and all the priests had been set to start the most famous event (the Ganga pooja) of that place as the sun was off for the day. We stood for five minutes for prayer and left the place. Although we did not share with each other but could figure out the wish that we kept from Ganga Maa.