Friday, January 20, 2012

Love the Way u Live

I don't know what is love,
what feeling is it when happens?
Never felt it's essence 
neither enjoyed the pleasure..
But I know you, when you are by my side,
I wanna change
change me, change the world..

The melodies of your words give me joys of life,
I lose the breath, when you hold me tight..
your presence reminds me the fragrance of flowers,
I would like to spend my long winter nights with you at the Eiffel tower

Glow on your face replaces the moon in my thoughts,
I don't know what is love, but here I get caught..
I want to mention you in my single poetry,
I am not a writer though, I have got my love story
yes I feel love, yes I cry
read my eyes because, I am lil shy..

It is a warmth feeling, I am outside in cold 
if you are by my side,
I can change, change me change the world...

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