Monday, February 6, 2012

A poet inside me will never die..

The Wind forgets to blow, birds would refuse to fly
Oceans would no longer be deep, clouds would not be high..
If the sun would not shine and the stars vie..
Still a poet inside me will never die..

Inspirations vanish and themes would pass by..
Mountains tilt and rivers would pour down through my eye..
If nature would be opposite its beauty and rainbow would get dyed..
Still a poet inside me will never die..

Mind would stop functioning, the eyes go dry.
My thoughts would not rule, my words would cry..
If the sight would get black and I would be lost by sty..
Still a poet inside me will never die..

Blood would not vein through,my heart would not try..
Skin would get rough, my wrinkled head would feel shy..
If last my beats would about to say Good bye..
Still a poet inside me will never die...

Collect all my words and I would get them tied..
I would nectar my dry heart,seed of hopes, I buy..
The land would be green and delighted I would sigh.
I will be died though, never let a poet inside me die.


  1. amazing work bro, never let d poet inside u die... if u ever hv such thoughts in ur mind jst read ur own words.... inspiring for sure...

    1. Hey thank u bro..I will keep my spirit high..

  2. u seems to b a very talented poet..keep it up dude..

  3. u r just amazing..... m ur fan... great....just loved it!!!

  4. gr8 work bro..........keep writing

  5. WOW !!! wat a creative sort of person you are.. deep thoughts .. keep it up..