Sunday, April 22, 2012


Om the Logic of the world,
Unexpected the magic of the world..

It's the denominator of the earth or soul
It sways with wind, it pours with rain..

Dark originated but has a shining light,
The immense hope, as the sun after every gloom night..

A vibe revolves from hermitage to monastery,
Power within all, which embraces in the trance factory..

A revered word which overflows with its own energy but inquisitive to find ,
Tumultuous and potential yet profound like a seed in the land of mind..   

Beam of light that peeps and beams the universe,
Accompanied with monks in all their ups and in all adverse..

It is in a rill of tears rolling down the ocean of eye,
It is immortal throughout, beyond birth or demise

It enlightens faith even in the averse and the accursed
People practice it with strong beliefs and then the meditation occurs ..

Deep as ocean and vast as sky,
Motion in the earth and clouds very high..

The layer of ice on the top of the hill,
Chant is a way and Om is the feel..

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  1. I specially loved the last line Mukesh Bhai..what a beautiful and spiritual article it is!!! keep going sir jee