Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The War: A free form verse

It was an uneasy day scheduled for destruction. 
Soldiers with loaded guns stormed the foes
with the same course of action from the other side.

There was no humanism, what all there was, flying bullets, 
the dash sounds of thirsty swords licking blood, spears ready to poke 
and the laying bodies on muddy surface with deep wounds and slashes.   

The vehement sounds of haughtiness dominated 
the screams and yells around. No one there was inferior, 
they all charged up like the thunder to fall over others.

Lots of innocent people were burned as if they were a bundle of woods,
some were buried like the same way seeds inside the land. 
Everyone scattered around with feverishness, yelling for their lives, 
some were evacuated, some rendered homeless and some were beheaded.

Even the Sun that day was behind the clouds for backing itself
not being witnessed of the major laying waste. 
Breezes were not the same; they blew with the smell of hate and immorality along.
Flying Birds were only safe, sometimes not, when the bullet reached them without informing. 
Because the bullets alone there, had no discrimination.      

The revenge of no personal grudges was still the matter of pride. 
Armed men decided to back home after making few never go back. 
The immolation and killing spread far away till the reach of sight. 
It was a disheartened scene with regular progression for a long.

Hours later there was nothing left but a silence 
which was bestowed with torment, the earth had lost so many hearths. 
Place was calm. There was no manly uttering around just few dogs, crows and reptiles.
Dogs there were barking happily, they got lot to have, 
but it was again a war because a troop of cawing crows reached near. 

It was dogs’ barking and crows’ cawing and 
crows’ cawing and dogs’ barking alternately.
They were fighting for the wastes of the decapitated ones
who were unfortunately killed while fighting...

The fight which began, left nothing, neither the people nor the reasons.   


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