Friday, January 20, 2012


A 21 years ‘old boy started his journey of life from the metro city “Delhi”. It was not a joke, Delhi where everyday billions of people come with big dreams. A big competition, people rush to be successful and famous. No one cares about anything. It is just a race! 
Race for money, fame, status and impression. One wants to go ahead of the other. People by hook or by crook or by all means gush with full rapid, beating the fellow vies, everyday busy drawing fake impressions on the canvas of hypocrisy.   
There started a journey.

The boy had dreams, he also wanted to be successful, wanted to be identified by his name and not by the sir name.
Everything was easy and smooth till the last day of college. He did whatever he wanted to do as he was the king of his own kingdom. He never foresighted about his future neither ever planned for it. He just kept dreaming of his imaginary life, where he could only see himself ruling and making his dreams come true. No such competition, no hard feelings.

The day when he graduated from the university, he was very happy.
There was a different shine in his eyes. They seemed to be looking for something very big.
And here came the day, he got out of his home to find his life...
There was an interview held in city “gurgoan”-the NCR region, a city comes in the state Haryana but sustains billions of Delhi heights bread and butter. A city, where no one is friend, it is all about corporate. A huge trap of big buildings and groomed brands makes billions of eyes proud everyday, destroys billions of dreams either.

The guy, who always used to wear low waist jeans and cool t-shirts, wearing formals seemed very uncomfortable and nervous even terrified because he never thought that what was he studying and experiencing in his college would ever be judged and based on that experience, his life would be marked. He could have got fused, if he would not remember his mother’s words, who always used to say-

Son, if you keep your head and your heart in a good direction, you do not have to think about your feet.

With his parent's blessings, he anyhow showed courage and got ready to face the real interview questions which were just opposite to his imaginary life.
But in a while of  fight, he ultimately succumbed to the conflicts of various thoughts inside his mind a
nd interviewer's back to back prickling questions.
He could not sustain and unfortunately was thrown out of the interview. 

Embarrassing feeling of being a failure! The only thing which was running inside his brain throughout.
Numb and dazed!
He remained silent and came out, even could not ask for a glass of water before leaving the company..
On the roadway back to his home, he kept thinking about his life, remembering the time, he spent in college and assuming his future. Now when he wanted to fly, he was considered a bird without wings.

But, there is a saying "it is never too late". He will get to face challenges, accept problems on the way, he got to grow his wings and spread them wide to absorb the world in them. 
There will surly be a success smiling on his way and he will fly beyond the sky because...
                                                         “Sky is not the limit”

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