Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dreams again..

At a desolate place where 
the existence had just lost its shape.
All the pending dreams were burned,
and few which were just sowed, crumpled unseen.
There were so many endless evil whirls
whirled the whole village in this heavy scene,
and in the gloomy night when everything had been looted,
only I could retain some space.

There was nothing to rue 

neither I could pay any regret,
what was I left with? What would I cry for?
And what asset was I to lose?
No sorrows, no joys, no body to win over
and no one against to stitch a ruse.
I was still left alone with eyes full of haze,

isolation was my only companion, my only solace.

But still there were few destructive spirals of pain
creeping through my veins,
crawling down steadily to my belly,
giving the hovers in my brain..
Why was I feeling black?
What color washed off my sight?
How differed that day?
What change brought the night??

Similar depressing questions were
rousing from the smoke of my burning soul,
provoking me to burn the whole
surrounding from the remaining coals..
I had no answer to deliver,
no hopes to court my heart,
no medicine to ease my pain
and no water to quench my thirst.

Thence my eyes ravished from
a shimmering light,
It was I supposed, the incarnation
of new dreams developed through my sight..
I wept the fog off and cleared my vision,
came out the dark, I proceeded towards a new invention..
Killed the complexities and I found new themes,
new songs I composed and blew new dreams.     


  1. The Churning of soul and its journey to its new found vision is very beautifully described....Great!!! Keep it up!!!

  2. Beautiful Mukesh...your poetry is so subtle yet so churning...lots and lots of best wishes....