Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The origin of mine

 I am agreement, the denial I am,
I am belonging, the separation I am.
I am attraction, the negligence I am ,
I am destination, the distance I am,
I am joy, happiness,
colors and flowers,
sorrows, torment,
achromatic and shade less,
I am in motion, the obstacle I am,
I am the limits, freedom I am,
I am the meetings,
love and affection,
broken, hurt
and lonely I am,
I am the time, memories and moments,
blurred and threatening a nightmare I am,
I am the ray, light and fire,
dark and burned, hopeless I am,
I am the success, triumph and victory
broken, shattered and defeated I am,
I am clear and transparent solution,
I am the trouble, the complication I am,
I am the mirror of who I am ,
I am life, the death I am..

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